Why create a podcast about my research?

Science Pods allows you to quickly and easily…

  • create an engaging podcast in minutes — for free,
  • reach new audiences,
  • expand on your article or report,
  • share your podcast on social media,
  • get a DOI for the podcast,
  • download a copy of the audio file or transcript, and
  • embed the podcast in your websites, courses, or CV.

Do I require any special equipment or training?

No, we have taken the work out of creating a podcast. Just record answers a few questions about your research, fill out a short form, and our site does the rest. Your computer microphone will work, though you will typically get a better sounding podcast if you have a headset or external microphone.

Can I create a podcast on any research?

Yes, any research project, from any discipline, can be the focus of your podcast. We will however remove any content that we determine to be inappropriate or not about scientific research. Do not include private or confidential information in your podcast. We will delete vulgar, obscene, or offensive materials. We also do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other forms of threatening, discriminatory, or hate speech.

Do I have to record all answers to the questions in the same order as presented?

Yes, at this time the response files must be in the same order as the questions are listed, though you can uncheck questions that you want skip.

Do I have to record all my responses at one time?

No. You will be recording your response to each question as a separate file, and using a short-term ‘cookie’ we can determine which files go together for up to a week.

Can I create more than one podcast?

Of course. Though if it has been less than week since your first recording, you will have to clear the cookie that the site uses to recognize your browser, use a different browser, or another computer. Here are instructions for clearing cookies.

Do you offer transcripts of podcasts created on the site?

Yes, transcripts are now included. Transcript services charge by the minute, however, so we can only offer this as long as we get adequate donations to cover our expenses for the site.

How do you create journal partnerships?

Journal editors or publishers who wish to use Science Pods as a tool for their authors to create podcasts about their articles can contact us to get the ball rolling.

What should I do if my podcast clips are not in the right order?

Please contact us and we will re-process the podcast.

How did you design the website?

The site is based on a project by cogdog.